Ă” Vins du Coin welcome you!

Your wine merchant specializing in local wines.

Behind its vast vineyards, the RhĂ´ne Valley hides little corners of paradise.
You are in the Pays d'Apt, in the heart of the Luberon Natural Park.
Here, nature is generous, the landscapes magnificent and each season brings its share of charm, scents and flavors. Enough to satisfy the pleasures of the eyes but also the taste buds.
In our Valley, vines have been present since antiquity and have continued to develop throughout history despite the various human and natural obstacles that they have encountered.
Today, two Protected Designation of Origin coexist in the Pays d'Apt: the AOC Ventoux (1973) and the AOC Luberon (1988).
This recognition testifies to the quality of our wines.
The soils, the varied exposures and altitudes, the great summer thermal amplitudes as well as the talent of our winegrowers to extract the best from it all, are all factors of quality and diversity.
I, therefore, invite you to discover this terroir, these landscapes, these aromas and this know-how through our wines. I wanted to bring together, in my store and on this website, the wines of the vineyards present in the Pays d'Apt and neighboring villages. You will also find many other flavors always as local as possible. And also, for the exotic, a touch from elsewhere ...

Uncork, breathe, close your eyes, and savor… Ô Vins du Coin !

Saint Lucide MAGNUM

31,00€ / 1.5 L

Ventoux rouge La Verrière

8,40€ / 0.75 L

Domaine blanc 2019

8,50€ / 0.75 L

Viognier - Domaine de Mayol

12,00€ / 0.75 L

Les Coutilles rouge 2017

16,50€ / 0.75 L

A Mon Père Rouge MAGNUM

32,00€ / 1.5 L


8,00€ / 0.75 L

Le Clos - Magnum

31,00€ / 1.5 L

Les 4 Générations

10,00€ / 0.75 L

UBY Collection Unique

6,90€ / 0.75 L

Terrasses du Marzac

17,50€ / 0.75 L

Pouilly Fumé

19,50€ / 0.75 L


35,50€ / 0.75 L

Expression Rouge - Château Beaubois

0,00€ / 1.5 L

Vacqueyras - Le Fleurantine

17,90€ / 0.75 L

3,00€ / 33 cl


5,90€ / 50 cl

3,00€ / 33 cl

White Beer LUB'

3,20€ / 33 cl

3,80€ / 33 cl

6,80€ / 75 cl